Property Purchase and Building Progress

We have land!!! It’s a beautiful 40 acres and we are so super excited that we get to share this whole experience with everyone.

I first dreamed of opening my own wedding venue when I was in high school, I have always loved being a part of such a joyful time in other peoples lives so it made sense that I worked toward this goal. Here we are literally 13 almost 14 years later and my dreams have come true. My husband Keith and I have been together for 8.5 years and this is something that I have literally bugged him about the whole time and when you live, eat, and breathe an idea it is so victorious when it finally happens.

In the first part of our relationship we had our son (my second handsome little guy) and decided to get married. Shortly after that when my little guy was 6 weeks old I decided to go to nursing school which was another dream of mine. I finished and have been a practicing nurse since 2014 and absolutely love it. I get to serve people in a completely different way and it definitely fills my cup.

For the last 6 years I have done photography as a hobby and within the last 3 years I have made it more than a hobby, primarily focusing on weddings because that’s my favorite thing to document. Last year my husband and I decided to that we wanted to make an extension of that and open a photo booth company. We absolutely love doing the photo booths because we get to see all of the fun that the guests are having at weddings, corporate events, and quinceaneras. It has truly been a pleasure and the photo booth company has allowed us to be able to afford to purchase the 40 acres and building for the wedding venue. It has truly been a blessing and it just proved to us that when you work hard you can do whatever you set your mind to. We have had many upsets and trials but it has pushed us to work even harder so that we can make our dreams come true of opening a business that we can do as a family and eventually pass down to our children.

So now we are in the planning stages and are currently having the utilities done which has been a nightmare in itself haha!! We have never owned raw land before so it has been a challenged learning everything that comes with that such as easements for utilities and tracking down other land owners to obtain those. All in all it hasn’t been a horrible and I would do it all over again. We can’t wait for you all to follow us on this journey and we will definitely keep you updated with pictures on the building process.

-Keith, Chandi, Camdyn, Jameson, & Brecken