Building Updates

We are excited to announce that as of 10 days ago we have all of our utility easements signed off on. If you haven’t ever purchased raw land before just know this is the most excruciating part of building. We were so fresh and naive to buying raw land that we didn’t even know what questions we should have asked before buying and it really kept us on the edge of our seats waiting and waiting for neighbors to decide if they wanted to allow us the run utilities off their current lines. Advice to any raw land purchaser….DO YOUR HOMEWORK so you can avoid the stress that we had. Other than that we have some other updates, the outer shell of the building should be finished in no more than 3 weeks, the water line is being installed this week and next, the electric company has already finished removing trees from their easement area so electric should be starting by next week, the septic system is complete, we have our full view glass garage doors being delivered Monday, we received our German beer garden tables Sunday, and I am in the process of finishing up purchasing the venue decor. We cannot wait to start hosting our venue tours on February 2, 2019. You can sign up for the wedding venue tours on our website.