Dirt work completed today

Progress you guys…. we have the building site leveled and completed. We cleared out 12,000+ square feet for our 4,800 sqft building. We finally got all of the utilities squared away and those will start being installed in the next couple of weeks.

We had such an amazing blessing yesterday. We’ve had the water company out about a month ago to tell us how many feet of a line extension we are going to have to do to get water to the property. It’s a large number and we were so bummed about it because it’s money you can’t see so it felt like a waste even though it’s completely necessary so we can have running water and nice restroom facilities for guests. So we went to the rural water company yesterday to get all of the paperwork to get it started and I got to talking with the two sweet ladies in the office. I asked if they offered payment plans (because who want’s to shell out thousands of dollars up front for a water line) and unfortunately she said no. As I was walking out she asked me if either my husband or myself were Native American and I said “no” but my husband is a veteran of the Marine Corps. She said aw darn, unfortunately that doesn’t qualify you guys to get a free water line ran to your property :( sad face. I told the ladies that I hoped they enjoyed their Thanksgiving and we headed home. 30 minutes later my phone rang while we were in the feed store, when we came back out and saw that we had missed a call from the rural water company and listened to the message that said “hi Chandi, this is ___ from the water company and I just wanted to give you some information if you can call me back.” We were super nervous because we were thinking they missed something and it was going to end up costing us more money, but instead this is what she said “ I just wanted to let you know that I talked to my boss and tried to get your charges dropped $2500 dollars and he said no, but INSTEAD HE WANTS TO WAIVE 100% OF THE CHARGES for the water line extension.” Of course I’m crying and my husband is teary eyed and we are in shock. What a huge blessing that someone went out of their way to bless us in such a huge way. We can’t wait to also give back to the community and get some veterans hired out here. Thanks for reading and we will keep you updated.